Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

              Jewelry art gallery

The Gallery shows all of the different types of
         unique Jewelry Art I create.  It's arranged into
         albums with each album showing a specific type
         of jewelry. Please call for availability.  All pieces
         are one of a kind and handmade by me with Pearls,
         Gemstones and Fossils in Sterling or Fine Silver.

Jewelry Art Bracelets
                   Jewelry Art Bracelets                            
Pendants in Yellow
  Pendants in

Pendants in Green/Purple
 Pendants in Green and Purple
Pendants in Red
  Pendants in
Pendant in Neutral
 Pendants in
Pendants in Black
 Pendants in
Pendants in Blue
   Pendants in
Rings and Necklaces
  Jewlery Art 
Rings and
  Earrings in