Lilygirl Original Wearable Art

          Pendants in Yellow

 Rutilated Quartz, Fossils, Topaz, South Sea
      Pearls and Geodes are the main gemstones
      in these one of a kind Sterling and Fine Silver 
      Pendants handmade by me.  Bails are large and
      will accommodate most chains or a leather cord.
      To purchase, call 256·287·0047.

South Sea Pearl, Fine and Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Pendant

Rutilated Quartz and Sterling Pendant

Fossil Clam, Fine and Sterling Silver Pendant

Amber, Sterling, Fine Silver and 18K Gold Pendant

Topaz and Fine Silver Pendant

Ammonite, Sterling and Fine Silver Pendant

Ammonite and Sterling Pendant

Nautilus and Sterling Silver Pendant

Cactus Quartz and Fine Silver Pendant
Tahitian Pearl and Fine Silver Pendant